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Featured in Mecklenburg Sun on July 01, 2013 by Susan Kyte

... Scott Williamson, chef-owner of Henrico Farm, a Consumer Supported Agriculture (CSA) operation in Clarksville, emceed the Iron Chef Competition for the third year. He called the field day and competition "a wonderful program. The things we demonstrate here can be taken home and incorporated into people’s daily lifestyle."

Before the start of the competition, guests had a chance to sample each entry. Then they watched as Williamson demonstrated how even home cooks can make fast, nutritious and good-tasting food, just like professional chefs. "In the time it takes you to drive to your local fast food restaurant, you can sauté an entire meal of good, fresh food. It’s not hard," Williamson said.

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Featured in Mecklenburg Sun on March 07, 2012 By Susan Kyte

...Asked why he believes a CSA would succeed in a rural farming community in Southside Virginia, Williamson said, "Look around. Yes, we may be thought of as a farming community, but fewer and fewer people are farming. Those that did are aging, and the people moving in may not have come from farming backgrounds." He believes that these people, whether long-time residents or newcomers, expect to find a ready supply of fresh local produce in this area. "They don’t want to, or aren’t able to, farm themselves." His Henrico Farms CSA gives these people what they want: "The chance to eat fresh healthy farm foods harvested each week just for them."

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VSU School of Agriculture Iron Chef Competition on July 14, 2011

Farmers harvest the produce, but they rarely get to see what happens with it under the hands of a skilled cook. Yesterday, more than 250 commercial growers, hobby farmers and small growers got to see for themselves how some of Virginia's best chefs turned their produce into tasty meals at the Iron Chef contest of the 8th Annual Commercial Vegetable and Berry Field Day hosted by Virginia State University. "A lot of you guys raise the product, but you don't cook," Scott Willamson, former chef at Boar's Head Deli in Raleigh, told the farmers. "Today, you will see the product that you are growing in the kitchen, so it will become something that you can be proud of," Williamson said. "We got so used to buying our food in the drive-through that most people don't even know how to cook anymore," he said.

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