My name is Scott Williamson. I am the owner of Henrico Farms. You are probably wondering why you should use Henrico Farms CSA program. Let me share a little of my over 25 year history in the food service industry with you so that you can get to know me, and why this is important.

I am a Chef. I have been cooking and preparing food for quite a while. I was the first to bring Boar's Head meat to North Carolina at the Rock Street Deli in the late eighties. I apprenticed under the ex-chef of King Hussein of Jordan (one of the very best). This resulted in seven years as a start up chef.


I have worked at:
  • Durham Civic Center - Durham, NC
  • The University Club - Durham, NC
  • Museum of Art - Raleigh, NC
  • Original Executive Sous Chef of the Lamplighter - Clarksville, VA
  • I have worked with Alton Brown of Iron Chef and Good Eats fame

Great food begins with great ingredients and I'm proud to put some of the best produce on your table.

-Scott Williamson